Mr. Holistic

was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas where he found his first passion in life. Which was basketball and that passion has taken him all across the world, but like so many others that journey was a blessing & a curse. Meaning he got exactly where he THOUGHT he wanted to be but never got a chance to perform on the big stage. Which drove him into saying Goodbye to his First Love, his First Passion. Which led him straight into the negative side of success until he found the Martial Arts World, where he found Rapid Success while climbing the ranking within the first 6 months with laser focus to change his life back to being on top of the world.

Mr. Holistic was the First athlete to cross over from basketball to martial arts and within a year of switching from professional basketball to martial arts. Mr. Holistic was the only individual that has won A Amateur World Title & A Professional World Title in the same year. One thing he quickly figured out was that happiness didn't come with success. As a 3 Time World Champion being on top of the martial arts world Mr. Holistic found himself overwhelmed and practically slaving for paychecks. So A change was needed asap so Mr. Holistic took his first break from being a paid athlete and took to the skies to travel the world. The first destination was India, oh yeah I said India. Mr. Holistic touchdown in Hyderabad, India in 2007, and that's where his True Journey began of becoming truly happy from within and developing up to be the best version of himself which leads him right in front of "WE THE PEOPLE" today Teaching, Loving, Hugging, Healing On Real People, Getting Real Holistic Results. So Enjoy the Holistic journey with Mr. Holistic as he transforms himself into his ultimate character to date.